Congregation Beth Sholom
of Citrus County

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The following are the candle lighting times for Shabbat and the times that Shabbat ends (Havdalah) in Citrus County: 
Shabbat Friday, May 1              Light Candles 7:48 PM Saturday, May 2     Shabbat Ends 8:44 PM
Shabbat Friday, May 8              Light Candles 7:52 PM Saturday, May 9     Shabbat Ends 8:49 PM
Shabbat Friday, May 15            Light Candles 7:56 PM Saturday, May 16   Shabbat Ends 8:54 PM
Shabbat Friday, May 22             Light Candles 8:01 PM Saturday, May 23    Shabbat Ends 8:59 PM
Shavuot, Thursday, May 28      Light Candles 8:04 PM  
Shabbat Friday, May 29             Light Candles Saturday, May 30    Shabbat/Holiday Ends 9:03 PM